"My experience with Dr. Bredenkamp was definitely professional caring and sensitive He said it won’t be easy and that he would see me through the treatment and was there to answer all my fears and concerns. I could not have asked for more than that. The benefit to this – being able to live a full and productive life, however I had to change my eating habits because of my stage 4 tongue cancer and related treatment.

I would definitely refer my family and friends to Dr. B, his office and staff. Dr. B is my hero…. I am cancer free

- Nancy Kelly

"After being diagnosed with throat cancer in July, 2010, I met with many doctors. The best out of all of them was Dr. Bredenkamp. He quickly and accurately diagnosed my illness, properly removed my tonsils and performed a biopsy.  Dr. Bredenkamp recommended an aggressive treatment plan that ultimately led to remission. I am now two years cancer free.

Additionally, during my complications after seven weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, it was Dr. Bredenkamp who correctly determined that my continuing nausea was not because of the after effects but rather to a continued reaction to the pain medication.

I will and already have recommended Dr. Bredenkamp for anything related to the head and neck. He is an amazing doctor and from my experience one of the best in his field

- John Delray

Throat cancer survivor

I wanted to take a moment to write about the great experience my kids and I had at Dr. Jakobsen’s office. My daughter had her nose broken last fall due to a cheerleading incident. Dr. Jakobsen put her at ease regarding injury from the first day we met him and was very thorough in explaining the surgery process to us. His bed side manner before and after the surgery was outstanding! My daughter had a wonderful experience and her nose looks like it’s never been broken!

In February 2011, my son was diagnosed with mononucleosis by Dr. Jakobsen. We didn’t know too much about the disease, again Dr. J pointed out all the various ways a person could contract it. Again he was very thorough in his explanation of the diseases complications and what we needed to do in order to get my son healthy and back to playing sports. When I needed a release for clearance to play, I got one within 10mins of leaving a message for Clara. Now that’s service! I also received a follow up call from Clara asking how my son did in his first game back on the lacrosse field.

Dr. Jakobsen and Clara go out of their way to make you feel special. My son thought it was the “coolest” thing that Dr. Jakobsen and Clara wanted to know about his game. Service like that will last a lifetime. I would recommend Dr. Jakobsen to friends and family anytime. He is a great guy and a great doctor!

- J. Kraus

"I was referred to Dr. Michael Cho in May 2009 because I was experiencing muffled hearing. I thought that it was just impacted ear wax but I was diagnosed with cholesteatoma in my right ear. Dr. Cho took the time to thoroughly explain my diagnosis, my treatment/surgery and the possible outcomes. Within days the office staff obtained the authorization from my insurance company and scheduled my surgery. They took care of everything which helped to relieve part of my stress. I cannot say enough about how thankful I am that Dr. Cho was my surgeon. He was able to remove the entire tumor without any complications. Six months later he reconstructed my ear with a titanium prosthesis and I was able to regain almost all of my hearing. He has such incredible skills as a surgeon as well as tremendous compassion for his patients. I was able to put my complete trust in him and his staff to get me through an incredibly stressful and scary time for me. I would highly recommend him to all of my friends and family without hesitation.

- Denise O.

Letter of Gradtitude

For nearly ten years now, Dr. Mark Wohlgemuth has cared for me and the melanoma cancers I’ve had. He has performed four surgeries. I am here today because e of his abilities and caring as a doctor.   Over the years he has become more than just my ENT Doctor, he has become someone I truly admire as a human being. I am only sad because I can never repay him for giving me my life.

He is a perfectionist as a doctor and a giver as a human being. His staff is a true reflection of him. No matter how things are going for me, they always greet me with a smile and with lots of laughter. The greatest compliment I can give Mark is – when fishing or hiking with my grand children, I give pause to think of Dr. Mark Wohlgemuth and whisper – Thanks

- Chuck Daly

"I was referred to Dr. Wells by my internist, and after one visit to his practice at Head and Neck Associates of Orange County, I felt confident that I did not need a second opinion.

Dr. Wells is a warm, caring physician in addition to an excellent diagnostician and surgeon.

The office and nursing staff at the practice are very friendly and they treat you like a person instead of a patient.

would highly recommend Dr. Wells to my family and friends

- Carolyn

"I am happy to have the opportunity to give this testimonial regarding Dr. W’s care. Throughout the years I have been his patient, Dr. Wohlgemuth has combined clearly proven expertise with a real concern and pastoral care As a result and according to those with whom I interact each day I have regained full use of my voice whether teaching, preaching or just conversation. I have already recommended Dr. Wohlgemuth to others and will continue to do that with absolutely no reservation.

- Abbot Eugene J. Hayes

Abbot of St. Michael’s Abbey

The office staff is very kind and professional from the starting appointment desk, to the receptionist, to Dr. Cho’s assistant. My experience with them has been very positive and they met my expectations. With my sinus infection, Dr. Cho used a scope to see in through my sinuses and whether there was infection. Before I came to see an ENT I took antibiotics month after month, not knowing whether I had infection or whether the antibiotics had cured it. Dr. Cho was able to determine that I had an infection, and that I needed to change antibiotics.

Using a CT Scanner, he was able to track the progress against the infection. It is now cured but I know, based on the type of infection it is that I have to watch out for recurring symptoms and to make sure I come back in immediately to see Dr. Cho if I believe the infection has returned.

I definitely would refer my friends or family to Dr. Cho’s office

- Inja Hughes

Dr. Jakobsen,

I can’t give enough compliments about this office. Dr. Jakobsen and Clara are my favorite people I have been a patient for many years and have never been treated so good in a Doctor’s office. Maybe I’m here too often, but they take really good care of me and I really appreciate it. I recommend Dr. Jakobsen any chance I can to others. Keep up the good work.

- Kara Baker

Dr. Jakobsen and his assistant, Clara gave me constant supervision and care for many months prior to the appearance of the aggressive cancer. The laryngectomy operation was performed in January, 2009. The staff helped us to understand the future without vocal chords. Dr. Jakobsen structured the hospital staff to give the best care 24/7. He also encouraged my wife to observe and learn medical procedures from the nurses. The staff made sure that all avenues were in order when I came home.

It was comforting to know that the doctor and Clara were only a phone call away

A support group sponsored by the American Cancer Society, The Lost Chord, has been of value each week. I was directed to speech classes that have opened several means of speech. Dr. Jakobsen and his staff have helped me continue to improve speaking skills.

- Irvine A. Purdy

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