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Allergy Therapy Overview

Your initial visit:

The purpose of this visit is to obtain a comprehensive history and physical examination, to establish the diagnosis and type of therapy to be initiated.  This appointment usually takes 45 minutes.

Skin Testing

After the initial visit, the Allergist will determine if you need a comprehensive allergic evaluation.  This can be accomplished by skin testing via:

A. Skin patch testing:  This involves the exposure to a panel of allergens on the patients back

B. Intradermal test:  This involves the exposure of allergens on the patient's arm

The number of tests, which vary from individual to individual, will be discussed by your physician.  Both of these tests are simple and essentially painless.  For children, there is an alternative delivery device to make the procedure essentially painless and alleviate the fear of needles.

The test is reviewed in 15-20 min.  There may be 1 or more visits required for the skin testing, each approximately 1 hour long.

Summary Visit:

Following the skin test, a summary consultation visit is scheduled.  Here your allergist will review the skin test results and future therapy is planned.  We encourage parents and children to participate.

Extracts and Allergy Injections:

If the patient is deemed a candidate for immunotherapy/allergy shots a patient specific formula of extracts is constructed by the physician.  This formula is based on history, clinical exam, and skin test results.  The various pollens, molds and other inhalants are mixed together to meet your specific requirements.

Allergy Shots:

Initially, the patient may be seen one to two times per week during the buildup stage.  Once the patient shows a response, then the intervals are lengthened.  As the patient progresses, the interval may be lengthened to once every 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

The length of the program varies, but generally, a 3-5 year course is suggested.  This can be modified as needed depending on the response to the therapy.


A progress visit may be necessary as part of her medical program to determine your response as well as for the doctor to judge whether modification of your treatment is necessary. We ask that you call the office for an appointment for follow-up every 6 visits, or as necessary during the allergy shot phase.

Visit to learn more about HNA Allergy & Asthma. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call 949-481-9701.  

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