What is Thyroid Surgery?
By Head and Neck Associates of Orange County
June 27, 2017
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Thyroid issues are a common problem seen by doctors at the Head and Neck Associates of Orange County located in Mission Viejo, LagunaThyroid Problems Hills, San Clemente and Irvine. The thyroid can affect a number of other systems in the body that are responsible for ensuring that you look and feel healthy. Learn more about the treatment options for thyroid related conditions, including thyroid surgery.

What is the Thyroid?
The thyroid is a gland located in your neck that helps regulate your metabolism. It is partially responsible for your strength and vitality, weight, breathing rate, muscles, heart rate and even menstrual cycles in women. It releases hormones that the body needs to remain healthy. The levels of those hormones must stay in a certain range—if they’re too high or low, thyroid issues can develop as well as other medical concerns.

Common Thyroid Problems
According to the American Thyroid Association, about 20 million Americans have some type of thyroid disorder. These are the most common:

- Hyperthyroidism (too much activity from the gland).
- Hypothyroidism (too little activity).
- Enlarged thyroid and lumps (also called goiter).

In some cases, these disorders can be successfully managed with medication and better dietary choices. In other cases, surgery by a doctor at Head and Neck Associates of Orange County in Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, San Clemente and Irvine may be required to resolve the issue.

Thyroid Surgery
Surgery of the thyroid gland is often needed when there are enlarged nodules or growths that are putting pressure on the esophagus or trachea. If a biopsy reveals cancerous cells, that is also a case that will likely require thyroid surgery. The procedure involves removal of a portion of the gland that is causing problems and in some cases, the entire thyroid gland must be removed.

Consult a Head and Neck Doctor
The decision on whether thyroid surgery is necessary will be made after a careful examination by a doctor at Head and Neck Associates of Orange County. There are convenient locations in Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills and San Clemente. Call one of the office locations today to schedule an appointment.


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